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If you love big books, big girls, and big d—, then you’re at the right place. I write real characters with raw emotions and all the racy scenes you would expect from a contemporary romance.

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uuummmm is it just me or is it hot in here??????
Daddy Dom is here and ddaammnnn this man can protect me any day! Ok so…. the man may have been waving some initial red flags but once you see all the layers to this man you will be hooked. This man is possessive, protective, strong, caring, swoon-worthy and is unapologetically honest even when it comes to matters of the heart. And… Didn’t Poppy, a beautiful and curvy woman on the run, send his world spinning!!!!!
Annie Charme always delivers a heroine you adore and admire. Poppy is absolutely no exception to this. She is sassy, fierce, independent, caring and a little vulnerable. Ok so perhaps given her past and the red flags flying she shouldn’t have got into a car with a man who is her stalker, or is it hunter??
But I mean…… It was DOM!!! 
I loved the spicy and suspenseful journey these two took me on. The chemistry between them was FIRE, the spice was HOT and the banter at times had me laughing. Dom is so unapologetically himself but gosh there were some extra sweet moments and things that he did for Poppy that had me obsessed with this man. I definitely read some of this from the edge of my seat as I waited for the twist to hit, character secrets to be exposed and the outcome to unfold. I loved this read that had me feeling all the feels. Plus…. With a few side characters who caught my attention I’m praying we see them in future books.
5 Spicy and Suspenseful Stars!

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This is the first book I have read from Annie Charme and Iet’s just say that it was all that and a cup of tea. 

The story was a great mix of sweet and spicy. Gray was endearing and loving and everything you’d want in a book boyfriend. 

And c’mon…the names. How crazy genius is that. Camomile and Gray Brewdy? I’m mean seriously, just fantastic. 

This was a trifecta. Sweet, spicy and a little bit of comic relief. What more could one ask for?

Now that I’ve had a little sip of what Ms. Charme is serving, I’ll definitely be going back for more of her other works.

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The Temptation Series by Annie Charme

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Started with Forever Young, then immediately bought Forever Yours and then Forever Mine. (What would I do without ebooks?!?!)

I was sooo involved with these characters that I had to force myself to put the book down to go to sleep. One night it was 4 am. Last night when I finally finished Forever Mine, it was 6 AM.

The relationship between Steph and Cal is one that you have either have experienced or wish you had. The emotions are honest, the storyline not always happy, but there is always the unbreakable thread of their love from beginning to end.

Can’t wait to read Cal’s Journal!


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