Taming Violet

Sinful Secrets Series

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A curvy girl, age gap romance with suspense

Lies brought us together. The truth tore us apart.


I should know better than to get involved with my ex’s daughter.

Looking like the ghost from my past, Violet moves into my home, tormenting me with those sinful curves. Her familiar brown eyes haunt my dreams, reminding me of her deceased mother, dragging me back to that fateful night. 

Years ago, the heavens burst with red and blue hues as a storm tore through my world, leaving me with nothing but guilt and remorse. 

Violet skies are never a good omen, but now those hues are wild streaks in her hair, matching her personality that refuses to be tamed. 

After growing up in foster care, Violet wants answers, but the truth hurts and the secrets I’m keeping are to protect her. 

I’m no saint and I don’t deserve her, but I’m not the worst villain from her mother’s past. I’ll be damned if I stand by and watch history repeat itself. 

She’s either my redemption or my penance.

Part of the Sinful Secrets Series. All books are standalone but part of a shared world, following four ex-army friends.

Content Warnings / Notes

This book is a little darker than my previous work, though more cosy-dark, it may not be suitable for some readers.

What you can expect in this story:

Parental death (off page in the past), violence, discussions on past sexual assault (off page), discussions on suicide, fostered childhood, power play, strong language, graphic sexual scenes, cannabis use, fire, some light kinks (praise, dirty talk, dominant/submissive, daddy role play, spanking.

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