Taming Violet Sneak peek

My phone vibrates in my pocket, letting me know she’s on the move. I open the tracking app that links my phone to hers and watch the dot travel at speed towards the lake. Glancing through the kitchen window, I see her car still parked on the gravel. A pounding in my chest reminds me, there’s only one reason anyone goes to the lake at this time of night. Heat courses through my veins, blood rapidly drains from my head, making it difficult to think rationally. 

With no time to spare, I grab my keys and jump in the Ranger, flooring the accelerator. The wheels spin against the gravel, before I take off down the country lane, with nothing but the moon and my headlights leading the way.  

My fingers curl tight around the steering wheel. Fear clawing at my insides, the not knowing if she’s gone willingly or not. I know she’s far from innocent, she’s not the shy introverted girl her mother was. She’s streetwise, fierce and confident, which only makes me more worried. If she has gone willingly, she must know what she’s getting into. The thought of someone else touching her has my stomach tightening. 

Driving down the long winding hill towards the water, I spot the Bennett’s Land Rover tucked under a canopy of dense foliage from the towering trees, confirming my worst fears. 

My foot slams against the brake, bringing my truck to a screeching halt, inches from colliding with his Discovery. Anger seeps from every pore when she lifts her head from the back seat. His smirk evident as I corner the vehicle. I yank the back door open and with both hands, grip his t-shirt, pulling him from her like a wolf protecting its young.

She yelps my name, but her cries muffle with the pounding between my ears. Blood curdles as my body tenses and it takes every ounce of strength I have not to imprint my fist in his face. Instead, I pin him to the side of his car. He knows I can’t touch him without landing myself in a cell for the night and his smirk is all too enticing. 

“In the fucking truck, Vi,” I growl.

She scrambles around the back seat, pulling her dress down.

“Now,” I shout, running out of patience with this smarmy bastard. 

“She was begging for it,” he whispers. The saliva in my mouth turns to battery acid and my fist tightens around his shirt where I pin him against the Discovery. 

My jaw ticks. Fucking keep it together. If I land myself in a cell tonight, I can’t protect her. 

“Her fat pussy was weeping for my dick.” He’s taunting me, knowing I’ll cave at any minute. 

I’d gladly kill this motherfucker, him and his whole damn family, but I’m not that guy anymore. I’ve spent years controlling my anger after living with the fallout of that fateful night and this little shit isn’t worth me leaving her vulnerable like I left her mother. 

“Vi. In the fucking truck.” I release him, dragging Vi from the back seat and hauling her over my shoulder before throwing her down in the passenger seat of the Ford Ranger. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” she screams.

The kid folds his arms across his chest watching me wrestle with her still wearing the same fucking smirk.

I buckle her in as she fights like a bratty two year old throwing a tantrum, then round the pick up and jump into the driver’s side, banging my foot against the clutch and shifting into reverse. The engine roars, climbing through the narrow lane, but the silence between us deafens me, along with the raging throb in my temple. 

“How did you know where I was?”

The atmosphere in the cab thickens like smog, clouding my thoughts. Anger rolls from my pores in waves. I can’t look at her. Memories of her mother flash through my mind, it’s like watching her demise and I lived through it once, I can’t relive it. 

“Are you going to answer me?”

“I told you to stay the fuck away from them.”

“Well, thanks to you insisting on driving me to the party, Jesse was the only guy who dared to talk to me. You knew that would happen, didn’t you?”

“You disobeyed me.”

“Everyone else might be shit scared of you, but I’m not.”

“You should be.”

She huffs. I pull my eyes from the road as she folds her arms over her chest, forcing her tits higher. “How the fuck did you know where I was?”

The gravel crunches under the tyres, the comforting sound of coming home, only what I’m about to do brings me no comfort. After exiting the car, I open her door and drag her out the same way I hauled her in. 

She pummels my back with her fists as I carry her into the house on my shoulder. “Are you going to answer me?”

I drop her onto the kitchen table. “I put a tracker on your phone. And it’s a good fucking job I did. What do you think you were doing with him?”

She stands, pushing against my chest. “Taking care of business. What else?”

I crowd over her frame.“You would let them touch you, just to get off?”

“If not them, who?” It’s a question aimed directly at me as her hazel eyes search mine for a hint of desire. She must know I crave her just as I did her mum. I push the thought down, along with any ambition of making her mine. 

Her bright violet hair frames her scowling face. If I weren’t so damn mad, I might find her amusing. She needs to learn the Bennett brothers are off-limits. If I have to suffer this penance, so does she.

“I should punish you for disobeying me.”

“You know you’re not actually my dad, right?”

I lean in close to her with a growl. “If I were, you’d be feeling my belt right about now.”

Her mouth parts but there’s a challenge in her eyes. “Do it. Spank me. I dare you.” She’s forbidden fruit, but oh, so tempting.

“Don’t tempt me, Vi.” 

She leans over the table, pushing her round ass out, ready to receive her punishment. I’ve never struck a woman and I don’t intend to start now. “I knew you were all talk.”

Unable to take that challenging look any longer, I dig my fingers into her wide hips spread against the table. “All right, you asked for it.”

She pushes her ass against me and I sink my fingers further into her curves. Her head turns to the side, cheek planted against the oak table. “Wha..what are you going to do?” She trembles but with a breathy excitement.

Holding her wrists and pressing against her back, I unbuckle my belt with my free hand. “I warned you what would happen if you fucked around with those pricks.”

Her eyes widen, but not with fear, it’s something else. Her body stills as she watches me pull my belt through each loop of my jeans. 

“While you’re living under my roof, you do as I say.” I lean over her, my voice laced in disappointment. “You;’ve been a bad girl. And bad girls need to be punished.”

She swallows hard, her breathing speeds up 

. With my leather belt free, I fold it in half. “I don’t want to do this, but you left me no choice when you disobeyed me.” With a flick of my wrist the leather strap slaps against the back of her thighs with a light crack. 

She jolts under my hand, but doesn’t make a sound, just glares at me with fire in her eyes. 

“I had one rule,” I growl as I yank her dress up to strike the flesh of her ass, but pause. She’s bare. I suck in a sharp breath. Soft pink cheeks hold my focus, my fingers itching to caress the smooth skin, not imprint it with my belt. “You went to that party commando?” The words come out hoarse, coated in jealousy. 

“No. I left my knickers in the truck. You didn’t exactly give me time to gather my shit.”

My hand moves before my mind catches up and whips the leather over her cheek with a stinging smack, leaving a red mark.

Her body flinches with a yelp. 

“You let him touch you?” I crack her again, the sound making Bella bark. Up to this point, I’d hoped his confession was a lie to provoke me. 

“Yes,” she says in a breathy voice that only my cock hears. She grinds against the wooden table, wiggling her ass. “I was going to let him fuck me.” She tenses her cheeks for another blow.

With jealousy clouding my head, I strike her ass harder this time, but she doesn’t flinch. “Did he fuck you?” My words come out fast and harsh, but I try to remain calm, event though I’m hanging on by a thread.

As much as I want to kill the motherfucker for having the audacity to think he can touch my girl, I’m not that person anymore, though it’s taking every ounce of strength I have to keep the monster at bay. Another time I wouldn’t have hesitated in ripping his fucking head off. 

“No,” she cries out.

A long breath leaves my lungs along with all the pent up rage. “What did he do?” I need to know, even though I don’t want to hear it.

“Touched me.” She tenses, bracing herself as I mark her skin again with a slap to her flesh. Her backside red raw from my punishment.

“Where?” I growl.

“Down there.”

I run the leather between her thighs, wanting to erase every touch of his hand and brand her as mine with each laceration on her skin. Lifting the belt coated in her scent, a slick trail shines on the leather under the kitchen light, causing my dick to stir. “Is this turning you on?”

“No.” Her chin sticks out as she grinds her jaw. “Is it you?”

“Believe me, I don’t want to hurt you, but you left me no choice. You need to learn your lesson.” I strike her other cheek and she yelps.

“All right, I’m sorry you sick fuck.” Her breathy voice pants out the words. 

“Language.” I strike her ass again for her potty mouth.

Her eyes plead with me. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

My heart stutters against my chest. Fuck. Hearing those words from her mouth has my cock stirring to life. 

She bites her lip, gazing at me. Does she know what she’s doing to me? I’m no longer holding her down. She’s free to move, but she lays against the table in the same position I had her pinned. She pushes back, pressing her ass against my palm, tempting me, but for what I’m unsure. Another strike of the belt, my hand, my dick?

Tempted to squeeze, I take a step back. One more move of my hand and I’ll dive into her heat and eradicate every touch from that motherfucker, branding her with my own hand, marking her with my scent, and devouring every crevice with my tongue.