Kiss & Shell

Celebrate International Kissing Day with your July Man of the Month… (releases on 15th July 2024)

Finn volleys into my life, disrupting the nest I’ve built around myself.
This British playboy can charm the pants off any Southern girl with his thick English accent and swagger, but I’m not just anyone. I’m ‘turtle girl’ as he calls me, with a hardened shell protecting my heart. And I wouldn’t kiss this man if he paid me.
Until I’m roped into a kissing auction to raise much needed funds.
Now I’m eating my words as deep blue ocean eyes smirk in triumph, the promised kiss weakening my resolve.

The world falls at my Savile Row shoes, but Shelly Myrtle is the exception.
She’d rather see me dismembered at the bottom of the sea than give me a moment of her time.
I came to Magnolia Point to expand my father’s empire. Only our plans are to build on the very land Shelly is trying to preserve.
When I see an opportunity to make the curvy conservationist eat her words and hopefully my face, I take it.
I’ll have to dive deep to crack the enamel around her heart, even if that means sinking my inheritance, but drowning in this girl will be worth it.

The MAN OF THE MONTH CLUB is a steamy small-town collection featuring a new hottie (or two) every month. In 2024, escape to Magnolia Point, South Carolina, and celebrate All the Holidays with your favorite group of romance authors and their delicious Paradise Men. Can’t wait to see you there!

Content Warnings / Notes

This book is a fun novella, however there may be some triggers for sensitive readers. As with all my books, I write cocky alpha’s with a soft side for the heroine.

  • Mature themes and graphic sexual content
  • Cursing and vulgar language