Protecting Poppy

Sinful Secrets (Club Curve)

A curvy girl, romance with suspense

I was her strength, but she was my weakness

I’m a hunter. It’s what I do best; track down my prey, then walk away. Until a woman with flaming hair and a fire in her eyes consumes my every thought. 

After picking up her scent, my obsession grows. Some call it stalking, I call it tracking. And now I’ve caught sight of my curvy fox, there’s no escape. 

She wants her freedom, but that’s the one thing I can’t give her. I don’t catch and release. 

Trouble is, I’m not the only hound on her tail.

Part of the Club Curve collaboration. Each book in the Club Curve series is a standalone. Over 20 authors have come together to bring you a curvy heroine in a club setting around the globe. Most books are novellas, however Protecting Poppy is a little longer as it’s also the start of my Sinful Secrets Series.

Content Warnings / Notes

This book is a little darker and spicier than my previous work. While it still has the usual banter you can expect from my characters and some emotional and laugh out loud moments, it may not be suitable for some readers.

What you can expect in this story:

Parental death off page in the past, murder, gun and knife violence, stalking, power play, strong language, kidnapping, graphic sexual scenes, some light kinks (praise, dirty talk, orgasm denial, period play, dominant/submissive, role play, rope play, breeding-discussion only, knife play-cutting clothes only).

Grab your headphones – this is naughty. Thank you to the narrator for this snippet…

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What Readers Say about Annie Charme Author

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uuummmm is it just me or is it hot in here??????
Daddy Dom is here and ddaammnnn this man can protect me any day! Ok so…. the man may have been waving some initial red flags but once you see all the layers to this man you will be hooked. This man is possessive, protective, strong, caring, swoon-worthy and is unapologetically honest even when it comes to matters of the heart. And… Didn’t Poppy, a beautiful and curvy woman on the run, send his world spinning!!!!!
Annie Charme always delivers a heroine you adore and admire. Poppy is absolutely no exception to this. She is sassy, fierce, independent, caring and a little vulnerable. Ok so perhaps given her past and the red flags flying she shouldn’t have got into a car with a man who is her stalker, or is it hunter??
But I mean…… It was DOM!!! 
I loved the spicy and suspenseful journey these two took me on. The chemistry between them was FIRE, the spice was HOT and the banter at times had me laughing. Dom is so unapologetically himself but gosh there were some extra sweet moments and things that he did for Poppy that had me obsessed with this man. I definitely read some of this from the edge of my seat as I waited for the twist to hit, character secrets to be exposed and the outcome to unfold. I loved this read that had me feeling all the feels. Plus…. With a few side characters who caught my attention I’m praying we see them in future books.
5 Spicy and Suspenseful Stars!

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is naughty and nice with plenty of spice! 🌶️🥵

I want Dom! Okay, he is a little possessive, but he’s also strong, kind, loving and not afraid to show how he feels. There’s a hidden loneliness to him that starts to disappear when Poppy appears in his life. 

I love Poppy. As you come to expect from Annie, she’s fierce, independent and, of course, curvy with a softness and vulnerability. 
She’s definitely too trusting, but with the past she has had, the tiniest sign of affection and safety, she’s bound to ignore the red flags, or push them to one side. 

The story is darker and the spice naughtier than I’ve read before, but I loved it. 
Throughout I was kept guessing and questioning everything including Dom. 

Protecting Poppy is a fantastic spicy suspense romance with an amazing twist! It’s also funny (I love the banter between Poppy and Dom) and has some beautiful & tender moments too. .