Unwrapped For You

Unwrapped For You by Annie Charme
Unwrapped For You, A Curves For Christmas Novella


Life was perfect until the hellhound next door took a shine to my kitty, keeping me up all night.

Being the new weather girl, I’m feeling the heat, though I’m more bothered than hot with the annoyingly handsome gym instructor. My neighbour. Another dirty dog.

He’s a pain in my neck, but I really want him to be a pain in my a—

Lusty_Liam is his handle, not that I’ve stalked him… much. Dating a shirtless social media influencer doesn’t fit with my wholesome TV persona. But I don’t want another lonely Christmas playing with my kitty.


From the moment my dog, Diesel, ploughed into Eve, I wanted to get in on the action. She’s adorable, curvy, funny and would be practically perfect if she’d swallow her poor opinion of me so I can stuff her mouth with something better.

The festive season is my chance to catch her under the mistletoe. Once she sees I’m not just a celebrity behind a hashtag, I’ll have her and her ginger kitty eating out of my hand.

I have the perfect present for her. She just needs to unwrap it.

Content Warnings / Notes

This book is a fun, Christmas novella, however there may be some triggers for sensitive readers. As with all my books, I write cocky alpha’s with a soft side for the heroine.

  • Mature themes and graphic sexual content
  • Cursing and vulgar language
  • some fat-phobic remarks from a colleague.
  • Discussions on a family member battling with MS.

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What Readers Say about Annie Charme Author

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Unwrapped For You by Annie Charme is an opposites attract / enemies to lovers holiday romance story that has the perfect blend of heart, heat and humour.

Eve is a relatable and curvy heroine you can’t help but adore. She’s sassy, determined, strong, humorous and has a slightly insecure side that pulls on your heart strings.
Liam our hero is the type of man you hope Santa wraps up for you and leaves under your tree. 
Ok…. so some times he may need to think before he speaks but he’s sexy AF, a little cocky, matches Eve perfectly in banter and has a sweet side that will give you all the swoony feels.

From their hilarious meet cute until their HEA these two were sizzling. I loved the banter, the sexual tension, the humour, the angst, the (prepare a cold shower) steam, the moments they frustrated the heck out of me and the sweet and oh so swoony moments. I absolutely adored this sexy holiday read and can’t wait to see what Annie Charme brings us next.

 Eve & Liam
Absolutely loved the newest book in the Curves for Christmas series. Annie always gives us the greatest characters and stories. I absolutely love how Eve and Liam get the perfect holiday happily ever after.

Lizette Diaz

The read I needed.

This book has everything you need to read a feelgood christmas book. The characters are hilarious, human and perfectly imperfect. I love how Annie creates her stories, and her british sense of humour shines throughout this book. If you’re not in the christmas spirit, this book will get you there.