Twisted Santa

Twisted Santa by Annie Charme, a grumpy sunshine age gap curvy girl Christmas novella
Sweet but Twisted

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A grumpy boss and curvy girl Christmas novella

She’s the one toy this grumpy Santa can’t give away…

Another Holiday season where my grumpy boss rubs everyone the wrong way with his bah humbug attitude.

After his son’s nanny quits, Nick is ready to cancel Christmas, but he runs a toy store! As his assistant, I add childminder to my growing list of job titles, hoping to bring him some holiday cheer.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get on the boss’s nice list.
Only, dressing up as an elf wasn’t part of the job description, but Nick’s growling subsides when his gaze caresses my curves and thick candy cane clad thighs.

Suddenly I want him to push my buttons, especially those that have never been pressed.

I know I shouldn’t want my boss, but with my sunny disposition, I aim to please. If I do a good job, I might get a large package for my Christmas bonus.

Part of the Sweet but Twisted collaboration. All books are standalone.

What you can expect in this story:

While this is a fun and flirty Christmas novella, there are some parts that touch on sensitive subjects, though very briefly, including: parental death off page in the past, widower, failing business, strong language, graphic sexual scenes. Santa and elf role play, virgin trope.

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What Readers Say about Annie Charme Author

5 stars for this Spicy Holiday Novella!!! This was my first ARC I’ve received and it did not disappoint. Annie’s ability to portray plus size/curvy characters is so spot on. I can relate to Joy and how she describes her body. I love me a grumpy boss who falls for the curvy assistant and just worships her for who she is and she gives it right back. The only thing I would change is to have made it longer cause I just can’t get enough!!

Christine Putz Goodreads

This was a cute and spicy holiday novella. I absolutely fell in love with it. It will make you want to sit on santas lap.
Curvy girl Joy falls for her boss, believing that it’s a one sided crush. She leaves her spicy books about being with a boss on her desk multiple times.
Nick is the boss of a toy shop, which has fallen in to debut, a widow & a single dad.Joy is his assistant and the only one who can make him smile, the only person who really sees him as he is. Not just the grumpy boss the other staff see him as.
I will admit this book made me laugh so much at certain points, but it also made me cry at other points.
And who could forget Little Theo, he was such an adorable little kid who put his dad in his place & found another person who would love him. Who wouldn’t let him eat all the Christmas cookies he wanted

Ashley Goodreads