Pursuing Lilly

Sinful Secrets Series

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Behind our masks, we expose our thruths. A curvy girl, age gap romance with suspense


My little sister-in-law is off limits.

Technically, we’re no longer family since my divorce, and she’s not little anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to keep her out of trouble.

And it doesn’t stop me from wanting to blind every man who’s subscribed to her creator account.

Being the town’s cop and ex army hero has its perks. And when I hide behind my mask, hack into her account, and remove all her subs, she’s none the wiser it’s me.

Safely behind her screen, she bares her deepest desires to the masked man. I can give her the secret fantasy she craves while taking what I need from her.

Trouble is, masks slip and shadows in the darkness don’t always stay hidden, but I’m not the only one keeping secrets.

When our entwined family past catches up with us, threatening to ruin our blooming relationship, I’ll be the hero that she needs, but right now, being the villain is way too much fun.

Part of the Sinful Secrets Series. All books are standalone but part of a shared world, following four ex-army friends.

Content Warnings / Notes

This book is a little more gritty than my previous work with darker themes, though more cosy-dark, it may not be suitable for some readers.

What you can expect in this story:

Parental deaths (off page in the past), violence, discussions on class A drug addiction, discussions on suicide, break in, parent with alzheimer’s, power play, strong language, graphic sexual scenes, some light kinks (praise, dirty talk, dominant/submissive, handcuffs, cnc, masks.

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