Forever Young

Forever Young A Prequel by Annie Charme
Forever Young. A Prequel, The Temptation Series. Annie Charme

I’m a curvy, outgoing girl. Always have been. Just like I’ve always had a soft spot for my childhood best friend.

Callum, a boy with far too many tattoos, will start fights for me, protect me and is always there to make me smile.

Now we’re both studying marketing at the same university, he feels different and my secret crush quickly becomes full blown love.

But it’s hard when you’re friend zoned.

Oh yeah, he’s got a girlfriend… racy Stacey with her alternative style and black lipstick.

Will he leave the dark side for a big ray of sunshine and turn our friendship into something truly amazing? Or am I doomed to be forever dating losers and never the one I want?

Content Warnings / Notes

The Temptation Series is a characters positive journey to body acceptance. The female character battles negative societal pressure to lose weight, however, the eventual message in the series is uplifting and liberating.

  • Mature themes and graphic sexual content
  • Cursing and vulgar language
  • Fat-phobic remarks
  • Mention of food can be triggering for people with eating disorders.

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What Readers Say about Annie Charme Author

Love this series
I loved reading how cal and Step started 💗.
I read this book last in the series. It was great to learn how they started. A new reader to this series would be able to read this book first as it doesn’t give away any spoilers. I had a massive book hangover after this and wish I could read the whole series again for the first time. Cal and Steph have massive chemistry and one hell of a love story. Can’t recommend the whole series enough.

Barry Martin