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Note: This is a work in progress. Any areas with xxx means I need to go back and fill in the blanks. Help me pick my MC’s name. The Landlord at the Black Crow hasn’t been mentioned in my other books yet (at least I don’t think he has). Let me know what you think…

This isn’t what I should be working on right now, but these character won’t leave me alone…

Age 40
Pub Landlord
Grumpy bear

© Annie Charme

I smooth my hand over the old polished bar top. My heart beats against my ribs as the bartender’s dark eyes rake my body. Being back in my home town gives me a familiar sense of safety and warmth. Nothing’s changed. Not even the landlord at the Black Crow. He still gives me the shivers and makes my centre throb at the same time. 

The last time I was home he was married, but there’s just a ghost of a white band on his ring finger. The way the man’s eyeing me while pouring my drink tells me he’s no grieving widow. 

“Haven’t seen you around town for a while.” He places the pint on the bar.

I swipe my card. “I moved back a few weeks ago.” I slot my card back into my purse and lift my pint. He nods and moves to serve the next customer. 

My shoulders relax as I walk away and take a sip of beer, the froth coating my top lip. My sister Yaz scoots over and makes room for me on the wooden bench. Her favourite band the Deadbeat Punks fill the rest of the booth. I remember most of their faces, though all grown up now, along with my sister. 

“Dalhia, this is Violet,” Yaz waves a hand towards a curvy girl like myself with bright purple hair.

She smiles pushing her cheeks up. “Sup. Call me Letty”

I squeeze into the booth the table digging into my belly as I shuffle down the bench. “That was intense.” A shiver courses my spine thinking of those dark eyes, his dark hair and salt and pepper beard. 

“Who? Old man Crow,” A band member smirks as he swigs on a bottle of beer.

“That’s not his name.” I smile, remembering the nickname they have for the landlord at the Black Crow. He was always a grumpy bastard but I’ve always been attracted to the wrong type.

This is a work in progress. If you want to read more on the black Crow, set in the Lake District, you can read Protecting Poppy and Taming Violet.

Protecting Poppy – A curvy girl, age gap romance with mystery & suspense

I was her strength, but she was my weakness

“She wants her freedom, but that’s the one thing I can’t give her. I don’t catch and release.”

  • Possessive, morally grey alpha
  • Age gap
  • One bed
  • Curvy heroine

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Taming Violet – A curvy girl, age gap romance with mystery & suspense

Lies brought us together. The truth tore us apart.

“I should know better than to get involved with my ex’s daughter.”

  • Taboo romance
  • Age gap (20 year)
  • Tortured hero
  • Curvy heroine

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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