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Authors at the Armouries, Leeds UK

I loved, loved, loved my first signing

I want to thank everyone who stopped at my table at Authors at the Armouries in Leeds last weekend to say hello.

I had some lovely gifts including cock cookies and even a cookie that matched my book Protecting Poppy. You guys really made my first signing everything I’d hoped it would be so thank you. It was lovely to meet you all and talk about my favourite thing. Books.

Last year when I visited Sugar and Spice book signing at Sheffield in June 2023 as a reader. I was chatting with several author friends who were signing such as BJ Alpha, Nikki J Summers, Lila Dawes and Louise Murchie. I thought of doing my own book signing one day and added it to my author goals.

A few weeks later I was invited to attend Authors at the Armouries 2024. I was nervous, but excited to accept and tick off one of my dreams. As a fairly new author like most who set out on this path during covid (I think the homeschooling sent us all over the edge in need of a creative outlet), with 80% of my readers in the US, I wasn’t sure what to expect and if anyone would want to see me at Leeds or even know who I was. But I thought if I can get about five people to stop by my table, I’ll be happy.

in December 2023, I set up a pre order form and posted in the AATA Fb group. I wasn’t expecting much and didn’t check it until January. I had gotten my first pre order over the Christmas period with a message that said, she couldn’t wait to meet me and loves my books. I burst into tears to my husband, wailing that a reader is excited to see me at the signing. From then, the list just kept growing.

As you can imagine I was more than nervous on the day, but fuelled by adrenaline and cock shaped cookies, I pulled on my big girl knickers and set up my stall. As soon as readers started to come to my table I was put at ease instantly. You guys showered me with love and made my first signing really special and memorable. Not to mention all the authors and PAs on hand to offer moral support.

I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Thank you to Sarah Michelle Lynch for organising such a great event and always on messenger to answer any queries I had. She’s a pro. (FYI that’s professional not the other pro)

So far I’m at Fiction Fans and Ballgowns, Newark in march. Sugar and Spice, Sheffield in July and Wonderland, Nottingham in July. Full details coming soon to my events page.

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