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When My Ship Comes in Bookversary

Wow! It’s been two whole years since I published this little gem. To celebrate, I’m doing a signed paperback giveaway – scroll down to enter.

A lot has happened in two years, but I always like to reflect back when I have a bookversary. It’s like one of my kids getting another year older. When My Ship Comes In was the second book I ever published. I’d already written and published Forever Yours, and written Forever Young and was half way through Forever Mine when a writing friend suggested in our small clitique group (yes you read that right, we call ourselves the clitiques) that we should write a Valentine’s story set on a cruise.

Sadly not all of us published our Valentine’s stories, but I was so proud to have finished this. I fell in love with the story and extended it. It was originally meant to end when she got off the boat, but I wanted more.

After, I had planned to write Josh and Millie’s story (side characters), and maybe I still will one day, but at the time I had other commitments.

I felt like this was my best work to date, despite a few critics. If you’ve read any of my books, you’ll know I don’t write fluffy cinnamon rolls. My guys are usually toxic, flawed anti-heroes from the wrong side of the tracks (I blame Disney – my fave film was always Lady and the Tramp lol). But Zac is quite tame in comparison to Cal. Anyway, since then I’ve had some great reviews and it even made it onto a readers best reads for the year post back in 2022 and I think she’d read it three times, which obviously made my whole year to know she loved it that much.

Lizzie and Zac have great banter and this is such a fun and flirty Valentines novella.

Let me know if you’ve read this and if you have a fave scene.

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When My Ship Comes In Annie Charme

When My Ship Comes In – A Naughty Nautical Romance is a flirty smut/romcom read set on a cruise ship around the Hawaiian islands.

“You haven’t been with a real man if you prefer a battery operated boyfriend.”

“Well, when you spot one, be sure to point him out.”

“Take off those sunglasses and you’ll see a real man.”

Zac & Lizzie

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