Forever Yours

Forever Yours
Forever Yours. Book 1 of The Temptation Series (duet). Annie Charme

Lovable rogue Cal was my best friend, soul mate, housemate and lover… Until he shattered my dreams.

Years after Cal left me, my husband picked up the pieces. He was the first man to show interest and make me feel worthy of love again. Two children later and life has taken it’s toll; a monotonous routine and stale marriage. But when a new career opportunity presents itself—an exciting job at a leading marketing company—nothing can dull my sparkle. 

Until he walks into the office; the one who loved and left. Irresistible, care-free Callum, who stirs something deep within me. Feelings that I thought I had laid to rest. Being plus size in every sense of the word, I struggle with temptation as I try to lose weight. I don’t need another craving to contend with.

I am devoted to my family but my desire for this impossible man has been reawakened. I’m not willing to risk my heart again for a man that left it in pieces. But when true love and loyalty collide, Cal might be one temptation too far.

Content Warnings / Notes

The Temptation Series is a characters positive journey to body acceptance. The female character battles negative societal pressure to lose weight, however, the eventual message in the series is uplifting and liberating.

  • Diet culture and some fat-phobic remarks
  • Mature themes and graphic sexual content
  • Cursing and vulgar language
  • Infidelity (female character)
  • One discussion on a past pregnancy loss.
  • Mention of food can be triggering for people with eating disorders.

Book 1 of a series. Please note this is not the end of Steph and Cal’s story.

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What Readers Say about Annie Charme Author

 OMG!!!! I didn’t just fall in love with Cal, but I fell for all of them!!!! 💖💖💖
This is a slow burn second chance romance book. It features people in their mid life and read like real people. Steph is a plus size character who truly is plus sized – not just a curvy size 12 person. Her struggles with her weight and the impact of those around her who judge her for her weight are real, including her husband. Cal and Steph were best friends turned lovers and then Cal broke Steph’s heart. They are thrown together about 20 years later and this is the story about how their unresolved feelings come to the surface.
This book will make you swoon, it will make you angry, you will need to change your panties and yes, you will even ugly cry. The story takes its time so that the reader truly gets to know these characters and their lives. It’s a story that will totally engulf you and leave you wanting to move to the next book immediately with its ending. This has become one of my favourite books (and I anticipate series) from this trope and genre.

Jenn M

Great story!
What a great read that was! Steph is not your *typical* heroine, she is a mum, still married and plus sized. But she also has wonderful sense of humour, her internal monologues had me in stitches, her perception of surroundings and situations she finds herself in is brilliant and often makes you stop.
We all have dilemmas in our life, how do we deal with certain situations, would I put myself in certain situations? It’s definitely great read. And of course it has plenty of steam and hot hero.
It’s a beautiful love story (yes and hot one as well), that also makes you stop and think. I absolutely loved it, I think Annie Charme has great ability to portrait quite interesting characters who are aware of their imperfections and let’s us follow them in quite intimate way. Can’t wait for book two now..